The Page of Interest

The Page of Interest

(from 2013–2014)

Just a normal fujoshi.
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Kaneki Ken || Episode 1 vs episode 12.

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I drew some spirits in school todaaaay

Sorry if it’s crumpled or slightly tilted to one side

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I understand what you are now… But do you think I can accept you talking about disappearing all of a sudden? If you were inside me for so long, you should know better. Did you really think I’d want a newer model? Do you know why I used that model, even though it was older? Because you’re precious to me! So precious that I would always fix you. Even if I didn’t have the parts, I’d search high and low until I found them. All because you’re precious to me. You should understand that already, Ren. 

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Heavy inspiration from the Jaws poster.


Heavy inspiration from the Jaws poster.

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Go Illumi! Shake that ass! lol

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